2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop also with EuroRAP participation

The 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop was held on 7 and 14 October 2021 and attracted 1,314 registrations from 124 countries. The 2-part online event with the theme “Data-Driven Innovation to Halve Road Fatalities and Injuries by 2030” brought together global innovation, AI, policy, technical and road safety leaders, along with investment experts, with the capacity to implement change and eliminate high-risk roads.

Big data and artificial intelligence can play a lead role in building the social and economic business case for safer roads and creating the scale of change needed to save millions of lives. The Second UN Decade of Action 2021-2030 aims to halve the number of global deaths and injuries by 2030. All countries have the opportunity to adopt and achieve the 12 UN Global Road Safety Performance Targets.

Effective action, policy-making, and investment will require accurate road safety data collected through transparent, rigorous and efficient methods that meet the global safety standard for benchmarking and comparison across time. A global challenge requires a global solution and the regional road safety observatories present an opportunity for joint regional efforts and economies of scale. The Regional Road Safety Observatories (RRSO) in Africa (ARSO), Asia-Pacific (APRSO), Ibero-America (OISEVI), Europe (ERSO), Western Balkans (WBRSO), and Eastern Partnership Road Safety Observatory (EaP) supported by iRAP and other intergovernmental organizations, aim to accelerate country-level improvements in data collection, analyses, and decision making.

The 2021 Innovation Workshop aimed to explore the data need and shine a light on the cutting-edge practice and emerging research and innovation in data collection, partnerships, and programmes. Partnership opportunities for efficiencies of scale in resourcing and implementation were explored.

Event Communique
See the Event Communique HERE with 24 key recommendations arising out of the Workshop for the consideration of global stakeholders shaping their plans for the UN Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

Event Recordings and Presentations
Recordings of the Innovation Workshop are linked below:
Day 1 Recording – Thursday 7 October (English)
Day 2 Recording – Thursday 14 October (English)

The event was also translated into 4 languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French. The links to the translation recordings will appear on iRAP’s webpage soon.

On the webpage, you can also find copies of the workshop presentations (where provided). EuroRAP participated in Day 1 workshop Session 2 about Data-Driven Successes in Safety. Marko Sevrovic from the European Institute of Road Assessment – EuroRAP (EIRA – EuroRAP) presented Roads that Cars Can Read and the experience from the recently finished SLAIN project. His presentation is available HERE.

During the two-day event, many questions were received in the live webinar chat. Since it was not possible to answer all during the live workshops, the answers will be soon available on the iRAP webpage.