AMZS awarded with prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

11 December 2019

We are proud to announce, that AMZS has been awarded prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, at the ceremony on December 10, in London, UK. The award was presented to Mr. Anton Breznik, president of AMZS and Mr. Jure Kostanjsek, secretary general of AMZS and EuroRAP project manager. Automobile and Motorcycle Association, AMZS, has been actively and continuously performing independent iRAP/EuroRAP Road Assessment procedures in Slovenia since 2008.

A strong consortium was established between national stakeholders, such as road authorities, Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of Interior, Traffic Police and Traffic Technical Institute to enable support of programme implementation in Slovenia.

AMZS has delivered Risk Maps for whole state road network for three-year periods 2006-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-2014 and 2015-2017. Within SENSoR project, road inspection was performed for about 3.200 kms of road network, while in the following years, about 800 km of state roads were assessed and star-rated.

AMZS was already awarded by EuroRAP Association for an outstanding performance for years 2009-2010, and partner Traffic Technical Institute was awarded in 2015.

Congratulations to AMZS for the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, and we would like to encourage more authorities to get involved in our Road Assessment work to achieve 3 star or better roads, said Lina Konstantinopoulou, Secretary General, EuroRAP.

An evidence of good work is also a fact that EIRA-European Institute for Road Assessment has been established and is hosted at AMZS headquarters in Ljubljana. With the introduction of own inspection system in 2016, new EU DTP project participation RADAR (Risk assessment on Danube Area Roads) and licensing new team members also for “Star Rating for schools” we continue to grow. A third contract for close cooperation with motorways authorities is about to be signed.

About AMZS

AMZS, Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia, based on 110 years of tradition, is an independent nongovernmental association of 90 Slovenian local auto-clubs. In the interest of about 80,000 members, AMZS is active in all three main pillars of road safety: safe road users, safe vehicles and safe road infrastructure and is driven by goal “3 star or better roads”.

About EuroRAP

EuroRAP is an international not for profit association of national and regional road authorities, mobility clubs, road safety NGO’s and researchers. The Association supports activities across 27 European Countries in addition to 100 partners worldwide supported by our global umbrella iRAP. EuroRAP’s unique purpose is that it provides a holistic, complete and standardised approach in road safety assessment using its protocols with the aim to ensure a Europe without no accidents in order to work towards the implementation of both the United Nations Sustainability Goals 3-4 and European Commission goals on road safety / Directive 2008/96/EC on road infrastructure safety management.


Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognise outstanding achievement and innovation world-wide. Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme.

Prince Michael of Kent is a cousin of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.