EuroRAP is engaging in dialogue with the European Institutions both in respect to innovation and deployment. At a national level, iRAP delegates the advocacy role to the approved National Programme Lead while supporting them with key messages and materials advice and information.

The European Union goal is to halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030 and a key action planned is improvement of infrastructure safety.  DG MOVE leads the European Commission’s work on road safety and has responsibility for proposing goals and targets, developing overarching road safety strategies and action programmes and reporting on them. The revised Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive (RISM) reflects the contribution of our Association and its Members since 2002.  RISM introduces network wide assessments of in-built safety on a primary network of Europe’s busy roads where deaths are concentrated, and which can be targeted.

EuroRAP is a member of the INEA CEF Advisory Board. INEA puts special emphasis on a close relationship with its beneficiaries. One means of dialogue is the Advisory Group, which constitutes a platform to discuss ways to improve the efficient implementation of CEF transport for the beneficiaries, Member States and the Agency/Commission alike. It supports the Agency in achieving its mandate and aims to maximise the expertise of both the Agency and Group members through the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practices. The objective is to find viable and economical solutions to common problems and develop shared positions where appropriate through the provision of support, advice, feedback and recommendations related to simplification of procedures, ease of access and increased transparency.

EuroRAP is a member of the Single Platform for open road testing and pre-deployment of cooperative, connected, automated and autonomous mobility (CCAM platform).  The single EU-wide platform shall advise on and support the generation of the work programme for this partnership. EuroRAP is also contributing to the ERTRAC European Road Transport Research Advisory Council Road Safety Working Group.

EuroRAP cooperates with the European Parliament on Road Safety and holds events under the auspices of Members of the European Parliament. EuroRAP has a long standing cooperation with the European Investment Bank with whom a Cooperation Agreement has been signed, and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

At a Global Level, iRAP is a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and works closely with the World Health Organisation, FIA Foundation, World Bank, International Transport Forum, PIARC, OECD, development banks and other road safety stakeholders to support and coordinate global action across all pillars of action on road safety.