CEF SLAIN project – Contribute to our Case studies database on road safety assessment

Within the SLAIN Activity 6 framework, the collection of a series of more than 100 examples or better case studies is a vital action.

Case studies are so often the most effective way of communicating often complex theoretical and complex arguments or processes. Network-wide road assessment is no exception. There is already good collection of network safety assessment case studies carried out by iRAP, and this action will provide further European equivalents of these.

The investigation of suitable Case Studies follows under the next 5 categories:

A: Risk Mapping to guide selective Star Rating
B: Before and after studies of network upgrading
C: Identifying road sections to install 2+1 barrier
D: Maintenance-only remedies
E: Network-wide road assessment and Star Rating from design plans

At the following a simple example is demonstrating the strength of the above categories.

At first identifying high risk single carriageways. Afterwards investigating the crash data if head-on collisions are the predominant type of crashes. And then, inquiring about the environment, in terms of available carriageway width and right of way.

We urge all readers to participate at our effort to create a database of Case Studies that demonstrate one of the above-mentioned categories. You may send your input to shona.holroyd@irap.org