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Partnerships of British, Dutch and Swedish Governments. European mobility clubs and safety charities. Focus of infrastructure as a way to improve road safety.


Methodology development. Risk maps in UK, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain. Important findings. Australia gears up for an AusRAP programme.


EuroRAP established as a Brussels-based International Non-Profit Association (AISBL) to manage Road Assessment Programmes across the EU. ADAC, ANWB and RSF – Founding Members.


EuroRAP I project. EuroRAP recognised as the basis for a European safety monitor of road networks to assess road safety performance in Member States. Pilot work begins on usRAP.


Star Rating methodology picks up pace. EuroRAP wins the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.


From project to programme: EuroRAP II: From Measurement to Action. Publication: From Arctic to Mediterranean. KiwiRAP created. 20+ countries worldwide.


Safer Roads Save Lives campaign. Road inspections roll out. The Getting Organised to Make Roads Safe report urges action and constructive measures. RAP techniques for Low and Lower Middle-Income Countries. The FIA foundation helped establish iRAP as an umbrella organisation.


EuroRAP III: From Measurement to Mass Action – extending into Eastern EU nations. RAP development in low- and middle-income countries: ADAC inspect roads in East Africa and RACC in Latin America.


Growth into Central and Eastern EU continues. A special RAP panel publish Barriers to Change. Partnership with China Ministry of Transport, leading to the development of ChinaRAP.


The EC supports EuroRAP’s 3-year European Road Safety Atlas Project to provide a key resource on the safety deficits of Europe’s roads. EuroRAP Members join in the European Campaign for Safe Road Design. Special Prince Michael International Award at the first UN inter-Ministerial conference on road safety for EuroRAP’s work..Read More