COVID-19 Impact: Implementing a Life-Saving Stimulus for Liveable Communities

Sustainable Transport investment to save lives and create jobs

A recent iRAP paper outlines how investment in sustainable transport will provide a legacy of liveable cities and communities for the future.

It covers the current Sustainable Transport Challenge, and how the economic stimulus can provide every child and adult the opportunity to live in a safer, quieter, cleaner and more sustainable community.

A sample of iRAP assessments worldwide has shown 88% of travel for pedestrians; 86% of travel for bicyclists and 67% of travel for motorcyclists is on one- or two- star roads. The risk of death or injury is typically halved for each incremental improvement in star rating (where 5-star is the safest).

5-star safety for all road users, less emissions, and quieter neighbourhoods – all lead to less demand on our health system and the health professionals who we value so much.

Read the full paper here