Dramatic increase in 3-star ratings in Slovakia

An estimated 355 deaths and serious injuries will be prevented over the next 20 years on a 327km sample of Slovakia’s motorways and expressways following a multi-million Euro investment scheme.

A just-completed report by EuroRAP Slovakia has revealed that 77% of the improved sections of the D1 and D2 motorways and the R1 expressway are now rated as 3-star with 1-star sections having disappeared completely. In December 2013, before improvement works began, almost 75% of the road sections were rated 1-2-star.

The wide ranging package of improvements – including shoulder rumble strips and barriers with energy absorbing ends – was undertaken by NDS, the Slovak Motorway Company between 2014-15. The improvement package was prompted in part by the findings of the SENSoR (South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes) project in 2014. The improved roads were reassessed by EuroRAP Slovakia in February this year.

EuroRAP Slovakia’s Managing Director, Martin Juck, said: ‘I am happy and proud that NDS has become one of the ‘first swallows’ who implemented, at least partly, the SENSoR project’s infrastructure recommendations.

‘The results speak for themselves: the minimum 3-star standard should be reached very soon on the Slovak superior road network. This should send a powerful message to other responsible road owners and authorities in the Danube region countries and also act as a best practice example.’