EuroRAP assessment of Italy’s Lazio region

EuroRAP assessment of 300 km of roads is currently underway in Italy’s Lazio region. It is carried out by FRED Engineering and it will be done according to the iRAP methodology. EuroRAP’s member, the Italian Automobile Club (ACI), provides technical assistance. This is the first project in the framework of their ambitious three-year plan to implement the iRAP methodology on the Italian road network.

The roads involved in the project are:
• the A1 motorway between Rome and Frosinone;
• the road SS148 Pontina between Rome and Aprilia; and
• the road SS4 Salaria between Monterotondo Scalo and Amatrice.

FRED Engineering is the only accredited iRAP supplier in Italy. After analyzing 1,500 km on behalf of ANAS, it continues its commitment to assessing the safety of the Italian road network.

Photo: FRED Engineering