EuroRAP attend and speak at the Forum for the Automobile and Society debating breakfast

On 26 February, the Forum for Mobility and Society and MEP Inés Ayala Sender (S&D, ES), member of the Transport Committee, hosted a breakfast debate on road safety and infrastructure. At the event, high level decision-makers and stakeholders exchanged views on the safety of Europe’s road network and how to achieve the best possible safety standards in a way that makes economic and financial sense.Stephen Stacey from EuroRAP, spoke of the advantages of a universal goal for three-star safety level for all road infrastructure in the EU, or at the very least achieving this target on all roads in the TEN-T network. Reaching a three-star rating would result in major gains in road safety and make tremendous savings in terms of societal cost. He called for alternative ways of financing the building and maintenance of the infrastructure.Click here to see the info graphic in detail