EuroRAP Lunchtime seminar #4: National Schemes Forum

The fourth seminar in a series of EuroRAP Lunchtime seminars will take place on 8th February 2022 from 1 to 2 pm CET. The seminar will be a forum where representatives of the national programmes/schemes can showcase their work, learn from each other and encourage other countries to start with similar programmes and activities.

We are calling upon EuroRAP members/partners to share an overview of their programme and relevant developments in a 5 min presentation. We can accommodate up to 10 updates, please indicate via an email to suzy.charman@roadsafetyfoundation if you would like to share updates to a national programme (this might include crash risk mapping and/or iRAP star rating), or research/development that is of clear interest to the EuroRAP community.

We would love to hear back from you until Tuesday, 1 February 2022. Don’t hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions.

To join the Lunchtime seminar #4, you can register HERE.

This is the fourth of EuroRAP’s lunchtime seminar series which provide information about the EuroRAP protocols through the ‘RAP basics’ events, insight into iRAP research and innovation through our ‘Hot Topic’ seminars and inspiration for EuroRAP programmes through our ‘National schemes spotlight’ seminars. These three webinar types are presented in rotation giving us food for thought every month.

The virtual seminar series is aimed at all EuroRAP partners and other interested parties – from automobile clubs to road authorities, to researchers.

The recording of the EuroRAP Lunchtime seminar #1 on Crash Risk Mapping in the UK and Croatia is available HERE.
The recording of the EuroRAP Lunchtime seminar #2 on AiRAP is available HERE.
The recording of the EuroRAP Lunchtime seminar #3 on EuroRAP in Slovenia: Success story 2008–2021 is available HERE.