EuroRAP members respond to European performance tracking call

A dozen EuroRAP members are currently taking part in a new performance tracking initiative aiming to track the rate of improvements in killed and seriously injured (KSIs) across European countries on a common basis.

The initiative, which is being co-ordinated by the UK member, the Roads Safety Foundation, follows an appeal made by EuroRAP managing director Stephen Stacey at the ‘World Free of High Risk Roads’ event in London in September.

Members across Europe (including Spain, featured) are examining their national road networks and European trade routes networks (“E-routes”) against a common template using EuroRAP’s risk mapping and performance tracking protocols. Countries throughout Europe are participating.

A special session to review progress is being programmed for June at the time of EuroRAP’s annual General Assembly in Slovenia. The maps are expected to be launched before the end of 2016