EuroRAP National Programmes


  • EuroRAP encourages local leadership and governance of each regional and national programme. Partnerships of key local stakeholders to lead the programme, build technical capacity, ensure roads are upgraded and communicate success is essential to save lives.
  • EuroRAP is granting permission of “Licence Schemes” for the use of RAP trademarks and Protocols in a defined territory to implement both the UN and EC goals on road safety and supporting in the reporting requirements of the Directive 2019/1936 on road infrastructure safety management
  • The National Programme Lead will be granted permission to use the EuroRAP brand and given the responsibility to ensure quality and consistency (essentially through peer review of results) in applying the RAP trademarks and protocols nationally and sharing of information in the public interest
  • The National Programme Lead will coordinate and manage the delivery of a strategic RAP programme for the country’s achievement of UN Road Safety Performance Targets 3 and 4 by 2030 and European Commission long term goal to move close to zero fatalities and serious injuries in road transport by 2050


  • Programme Lead: The Programme Lead provides the leadership and governance of the programme (including policy setting, partner engagement, outcome measurements, coordination)
  • Technical Lead: The Technical Lead will provide the technical expertise and application of RAP protocols
  • Communication Lead: The Communications Lead will be responsible for the communication plan of the Programme. It will disseminate the results of the Programme through communication tools, campaigns
  • Authorities: In countries where Authorities are not currently Authority Members of the Association, the Programme Lead may wish to invite a lead road authority to participate as an advisor or member
  • EuroRAP is the coordinator of the National Licence Schemes Committee and the association engages with the National Programme Leaders in order to discuss National Scheme programmes’ progress, funding opportunities and the exchange of best practices. EuroRAP also disseminates knowledge and information about road safety assessment to all stakeholders at the local and national level.

National programmes and the EC supported SENSOR, RADAR and SLAIN projects support road assessments in most EU countries. (see Our impact)

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