FIA mobility Conference Week announcement in Melbourne for London 2015

The FIA’s 22nd Mobility Conference Week was held in Melbourne, Australia from September 16 to 19 and was hosted by the Australian Automobile Association and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria at their RACV City Club.

The conference theme, “Membership in a Connected World” focussed on the rapid technological change in a connected world and what it means for the individual consumer and motorist and its impact on the future of FIA Member Clubs.

In the closing session, John Dawson, chairman of EuroRAP  was invited to announce the 23rd Mobility Conference Week which is to be held in central London.  EuroRAP is the coordinating host for FIA UK Members.  The week, to be held from 15-18 September 2015, will include the first ever global road assessment conference.   Do come … you’re invited!

Please see link to video here