Final Conference of the RADAR project: Striving for safer infrastructure for all road users

Concluding the three and a half years of joint efforts in road safety methodologies, policy, and practice integration of the RADAR project (Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads) is coming to an end. The project will celebrate its stories of success at the final conference on September 23, 2021. The conference is planned as a free-of-charge hybrid event, taking place in Slovenia and online.

RADAR project will organize a final conference under the aegis of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and in cooperation with the European Strategy for Danube Region (EUSDR) – PA1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – Road, Rail and Air Links.

The conference titled ‘Striving for Safer Infrastructure for All Road Users in Danube Area’ will bring together road safety stakeholders to highlight the project’s results and demonstrate the benefits of a systematic approach to safer road infrastructure. It will contribute to the debate of prioritization of road safety investments and network-wide road safety assessments under revised RISM (Road Infrastructure Safety Management) directive and broader. In addition, the conference will underline the need to work towards the implementation of both the United Nations and European Commission goals on road safety.

A short welcome note at the conference will be given by EuroRAP’s Chairman Ferry Smith. The lead partner of the RADAR project is EuroRAP’s subsidiary European Institute of Road Assessment from Slovenia. Some of the RADAR project partners are EuroRAP’s members as well: Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia (AMZS), Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK), Bulgarian Association for Road Safety (BBARS), and General Automoto Club of the Czech Republic (UAMK).

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