iRAP Partner Portal has been launched: Connecting people and possibilities

Following a successful pilot, iRAP has launched a Partner Portal to share global and national road safety data and resources and empower and connect leads of Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) across the world.

The iRAP Partner Portal is a restricted access online resource containing information on news, knowledge, training, projects and metrics of success for each country, along with key road safety statistics. The Portal enables partners to connect in a Forum and contribute information to develop their own national profiles for the mutual benefit of all.

The Portal, and underlying Partner Management System iRAP Connect, are the result of the 5-Star Global Connections Initiative funded by FedEx.

iRAP Global Programme and Communications Manager Judy Williams said, “iRAP Connect and the Partner Portal have transformed our ability as a charity to support our partners eliminating high-risk roads in countries and track their activities and success. Road safety programmes and infrastructure upgrades can take many years to come to fruition and involve many partners working alone and in collaboration. Being able to identify, connect and share this knowledge has the potential to supercharge RAP partnerships and safer roads outcomes and, most importantly, save lives.”

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