Make 20 November a day to remember …

Every day almost 4,000 people are killed and hundreds of thousands injured on the world’s roads.

On Sunday 20 November, families of road victims and road safety campaigners will be working together to remember this tragic toll in the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

All across Europe – and beyond – special events are being organised to remember all those who have been lost in road crashes. You can find details of the European events here.

This solemn day also offers a valuable opportunity for everyone involved in road safety to draw public attention to the enormous amount of wasted lives – and to call again for safer roads. It is also an important tool for governments to demonstrate the need for concerted action to stop the carnage

If you are planning a Remembrance event – or would like some ideas for organising one – visit the World Day of Remembrance website here.