Martin Juck – EuroRAP Programme coordinator Slovakia

EuroRAP has established a branch office in Slovakia in preparation for work in central and south-east Europe.  Ing. Martin Juck will look after the office as managing director of EuroRAP Slovakia.  Martin Juck graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava.

From 2005-2011 he worked for the Slovak Autoturist Club (SATC) as chief of the roadside assistance services and as the FIA club correspondent for mobility.  In 2005 he also became EuroRAP’s Slovak national coordinator, most recently working for SAMS, the Slovakian motor sport club.  Ing. Juck is active in road safety both nationally and internationally.  He has successfully managed the European Road Safety Atlas (2011) project for Slovakia and the SENSoR (South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes, 2014) project; he has been a member of the working group for road infrastructure safety, established by the Slovak government road safety council, and in 2014 established Safe Roads Slovakia.