Roma Tre University

Roma Tre University was established 28 years ago in Rome and it gradually and constantly brought into
focus its particular profile and becoming a dynamic and efficient center of learning, and an acknowledged
point of reference for the research in both the Italian and the international university system, taking part to
numerous EU funded projects. Over time, it has gained a very good reputation in the most prominent
academic rankings, especially among the most recently founded institutions. More than 40,000 students are
the fruit of a winning strategy founded on offering a wide range of courses and on pursuing teaching
innovation and quality that may assure the quickest placement of young graduates into the working world.
Currently, Roma Tre University is organized in 12 Departments that manage, coordinate, plan and promote
scientific research as well as teaching and training activities. Indeed, departments are responsible for
carrying on the development of:
– research;
– teaching and training activities related to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as PhDs,
– other educational activities;
– external activities related to research and teaching or aimed at enhancing and disseminating the
activities and competences of the Departments themselves, including partnership, collaboration
with national/international institutions, spin-off and start-up initiatives.
Among the Departments of Roma Tre University, the Department of Engineering carries on research,
advanced training and technology transfer in all the sectors of engineering; this being considered as the set
of disciplines that contribute the most to the improvement of civil life and socio-economic development,
through conception, analysis, design and realisation processes, rooted on solid technical and scientific
bases. The Department is located on an organized and liveable city campus in a historic industrial area, next
and well connected to the centre of the city, that has been extensively redeveloped.
The activities of the Department of Engineering involve all engineering fields as well as basic and applied
sciences and interdisciplinary disciplines in which engineering plays a significant role. Specifically, the
Department proposes several courses in civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electronic
engineering, mechanical engineering and ocean engineering.
The Department has been recently selected by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
among the 180 Departments of Excellence of Italy. The Department carries out researches at the highest
international level in many sectors of engineering and basic sciences, with collaborations and funding from
all over the world. With five Bachelor’s degrees, nine Master’s degrees and four PhD courses, the
Department has a continuously updated educational offer, with advanced and innovative contents and many
active collaborations with topic related companies and public bodies, and very high employment rates for its
The Department of Engineering manages, coordinates, plans and promotes scientific research as well as
teaching and training activities. On the one hand, the research activity contributes to the production of new
knowledge and it interacts with teaching and transfer activities, through a constant, mutual and fertile
exchange. Research is supported by internal as well as by external public and private funds, often in
collaboration with national and international scholars and institutions. On the other hand, the educational
activities of the Department involve all University cycles; for this reason, it organises Bachelor’s degrees,
Master’s degrees and PhDs courses, as well as more specific activities such as postgraduate and
specialisation courses, to satisfy the demands deriving from technological evolution, society and the labour
market. Students are increasingly involved in research activities, actively and indispensably contributing with
original ideas from the first to the last University cycle.
Among the several research and teaching areas of the Department that are well acknowledged at the
highest national and international levels, Civil Engineering area and more specifically the “Road
Infrastructures” area of the Department is today one of the most competitive and recognized with specific
regard to the road safety research topics, due to the expertise and knowledge of the five professors and
more than ten researchers and PhD students who belong to this area of the Department. The research team
of “Road Infrastructures” also founded in the past the Inter-University Research national Centre for Road
Safety (CRISS) and currently leads the Road Safety Laboratory of the Engineering Department at Roma Tre
University (LASSTRE).
Since the foundation of the Department in 1992, the researchers of “Road Infrastructures” area have
addressed the road safety issues and concentrated their research efforts in investigating driver behavior and
the complex relationships with the road, the vehicle and the environment, using the most advanced research
tools, with the overall goal of improving the safety levels of road networks. Some of the most relevant
activities developed by the professors and researchers of the “Road Infrastructures” area in the field of road
safety are presented and briefly described below.