New Risk Mapping on national roads in Poland 2010-2012

For the sixth time, in the framework of European Road Assessment Programme EuroRAP, scientists from the Gdansk University of Technology, together with experts from the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association and the Foundation for Civil Engineering Development, developed a risk map for national roads in Poland.

Poland Risk Map

The maps of individual risk on national roads in Poland in the years 2009-2011 shows that :

  • 27% of the length of national roads are the ” black sections ” of the highest risk level. In the 2005-2007 (period commencing systematic EuroRAP study of risk in Poland) these segments accounted for 60% of the length. Currently, there are about 5.4 thousand km less,
  • 62% of the length of national roads are the ” black and red sections “, it is about 24% less than in 2005-2007,
  • 40% of all serious accidents (fatal and serious injury) on national roads took place at the ” black sections”, it is about 31% less than in 2005-2007,
  • 17% of the length of national roads (about 13% more than in 2005-2007) met the criteria for very low and low risk adopted by the Euro-RAP as an acceptable level of risk for the primary road network and are mainly sections of motorways and dual carriageways.

Changing risk on national roads in Poland

Bar poland 2010.2012 results

Safety on national roads

Individual risk map was developed based on data collected by the Police. In the analyzed period (2010-2012) on national roads in Poland took place 9.1 thousand serious accidents in which was killed more than 4 thousand people and 7.9 thousand were seriously injured. Material and social costs of these accidents amounted to over 19 billion PLN.

The biggest threats to national roads in Poland are still pedestrian accidents, front and side collisions, excessive speed and young drivers. In relation to the period 2005-2007 a significant reduction in the length of the “black and red” road sections recorded for accidents caused by young drivers (26%), excessive speed (about 25%) and a front impact (about 23%). It is the visible result of the development of an automatic speed enforcement system and traffic calming at many sections placed transit routes through the village and the construction of new road sections with separate carriageways (roads and motorways).

The distribution of the length of national roads in the years 2009-2011 broken down by problems and individual risk classes

distribution of the length of national roads PL

Other risk maps on national roads in Poland

In addition to the overall individual risk map, risk maps have also been developed individually broken down into the most common causes of accidents as well as detailed information about the risk. All maps can be downloaded from here. Or please visit