New Spanish and Catalan risk maps published

New risk maps have been published for the Spanish and Catalan roads network.

The maps, which were produced by the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC), with help from the Spanish Directorate for Traffic (DGT) and the Catalan Traffic and Roads Authorities (SCT and TES), are the 14th annual maps to be produced.

The Spanish maps cover 24,805km of the Spanish national road network distributed in 1,387 sections and account for 48% of Spain’s total road mobility. The 6,356 km of roads analysed in the Catalan maps represent 52% of the network in 425 sections and account for 90% of total road mobility.

Although road deaths and serious fatalities in Catalonia declined by 2.5% in the 2013-15 study period, traffic deaths in Spain showed a small increase after years of almost unbroken decline, in common with several other European countries

Lluis Puerto, the technical director of the RACC Foundation and a EuroRAP board member, said: ‘We are extremely thankful and proud of the great co-operation we had from the DGT and SCT in identifying the riskiest road sections in the country.

‘Risk mapping in Spain has contributed to reducing deaths by 60% since the first risk maps were published in 2003. However, despite Spain’s achievements in having among the best road safety standards in Europe, the maps show that 13% of the road network is still rated as high risk and much work still remains to be done.’