OEAMTC releases Risk Map of the Austrian national motorway network

OEAMTC released its risk map of the Austrian national motorway network for the for the period 2009-11 in November 2014.   They show a picture of generally low or low-medium risk on these roads.  This was the third time that the EuroRAP data have been published for Austria, updating work carried out in 2011 and a pilot in 2005.  About 100 sections of the network and around 1000 fatal and serious crashes were analysed.  The results were also presented alongside those in the SENSoR project for South East Europe and this reinforces the generally low risk nature of Austrian motorways when compared with the more extensive networks assessed in neighbouring Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.  Further information is available from David Nose at david.nose@oeamtc.at

Download the map here