Our Protocols

EuroRAP is the Association which manages the application of the global Road Assessment Programme protocols in Europe. EuroRAP established the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) in 2006 as a registered charity to provide the global standard for road infrastructure safety performance; tools, training and systems to help partners make their roads safer; and to develop road assessment activities in low and middle-income countries.

EuroRAP provides tools and systems to help authorities, funding agencies, civil society associations, research and training institutes and other non-government organisations across Europe make their roads safe.

Our methodology for saving lives has been developed by the world’s leading road safety researchers and organizations.  Factsheets describing the methodology and road attribute risk factors are available in several languages, which now form the basis of the global offering for all RAP partners world-wide.

  • Crash Rate Risk Mapping provides a global standard to measure and benchmark historical crash performance over time and target intervention;
  • Star Ratings provide an objective, evidence-based global measure of the in-built safety of infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle occupants;
  • Safer Road Investment Plans can help generate or shape a pro-active programme of countermeasures based on reducing risk that will maximise lives saved per Euro of investment;
  • The impact of new high return Safer Road Funds and budgets can be formally assessed in a form comparable to all other transport investment as used by investment banks and national finance ministries;
  • A range of policy and performance tracking tools provide agencies with the ability to measure and manage road safety performance and success.

RAP metrics are recommended for use by the United Nations, World Health Organisation, European Investment Bank, FIA Foundation and other leading institutions.

Our services focus on the whole cycle of measurement to action ensuring our systematic measurement of  recognised risk factors through our protocols ‘’Crash Rate Risk Mapping’’, ‘’Fatality Estimates’’, ‘’Performance Tracking’’ and ‘’Star Ratings’’, with evidence-based solutions that drive investment and provide governments with the business case for safer roads and the confidence to invest in the safety improvement of roads.

EuroRAP provides education and training to build capacity in RAP assessment methodologies, tools and the Safe System, and educate policy makers and the public that road deaths are predictable and preventable.

EuroRAP supports UN Member States to achieve Global Road Safety Performance Targets for minimum 75% of travel on TEN-T and primary roads across Europe to be rated 3-star or better by 2030.