Partnership working in Catalonia

Highways and road safety practitioners from the Government of Catalonia joined members of the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC) for a training session at EuroRAP’s Basingstoke headquarters recently.

Laia Pou and Felix Burgos, of the Road Safety Management Systems and Services Department, Government of Catalonia, along with Jose Tirone and Marc Figuls Rovira of RACC, participated in a three day workshop on applying the RAP protocols as part of managing road risk.

The joint training course follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between RACC and the Catalan Government (DTS) in January 2016. In the memorandum the DTS agreed that it would incorporate the iRAP/EuroRAP methodology into its existing road management procedures and would participate at a technical level in EuroRAP’s working groups.

Laia said that the training had incorporated examples and statistics taken from the Catalan road network. ‘We covered a lot of ground in the course and I think it could be very useful in helping to guide investment on road safety and shape design projects,’ she said.

EuroRAP’s European Development Director, James Bradford, who led the training, said: ‘It was very beneficial for us to understand how we can best support DTS with applying the RAP protocols as part of managing safety on their road network.’