Proceedings of the SLAIN Final event are now available

On 4 March 2021, EuroRAP together with the SLAIN consortium partners, organised the SLAIN final event. The  event was an opportunity for all the stakeholders in Road Safety to discuss the outcomes on the SLAIN results and to chart the future strategic directions on Policy recommendations and Road Infrastructure Requirements.

Proceedings are now available for download:

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vPROJECT RESULTS BROCHURE: Access the Final Project Results Brochure 

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      Policy Perspectives and Recommendations 

EC Road Infrastructure Safety Management       Petros Petrou, DG MOVE Policy Officer Unit Road Safety

EIB Road Safety Policy                                          Per Mathiasen, EIB Senior Transport Engineer

Implementing RISM in ANAS Italy network          Ilaria M. Coppa, ANAS Head Transportation Planning Unit

SLAIN Introduction & Policy Recommendations  Lina Konstantinopoulou EuroRAP Secretary General

SLAIN and beyond Europe                                    Rob McInerney, iRAP CEO

         Network wide Road Assessment results

• SLAIN Crash Risk maps

o Croatia                                                         Leonid Ljubotina, FPZ

o Spain/ Catalonia                                         Joan Domingo, RACC/Maria Ciscar, SCT GenCAT

o Greece                                                         Stelios Efstathiadis, RSI

o Italy                                                              Barbara Bianchini, ANAS

• Star Rating and investment plans

o Croatia                                                         Bojan Jovanović, FPZ

o Spain                                                            Alberto Menchon, DGT

Star Rating Estimation for UN Targets                Brian Lawton, iRAP

Case Studies around Europe                               Stelios Efstathiadis, RSI 

SLAIN CAV readiness                                           Leonid Ljubotina, FPZ