Report from the EuroRAP General Assembly 2018


EuroRAP Chairman Ferry Smith opened proceedings at the EuroRAP General Assembly in Rotterdam (12-14 June), drawing attention to keynote speeches from European Commission and the European Car Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).  He spoke about road safety in the Netherlands and the inspiring developments throughout Europe. Click here for presentation

Fotini Ioannidou, Head of the Road Safety Unit at the European Commission reported on the priorities and approaches for the Commission and its commitment to:

  • The “Safe System” approach
  • Confirmation of “Vision Zero” (2050)
  • New interim targets (50% reduction in fatalities and serious injuries)
  • Monitoring based on key performance indicators
  • Reinforced coordination between levels and sectors
  • Funding support
  • The Global dimension
  • A Strategic action plan on road safety

As part of the third Mobility Package, she talked about the proposed revision of Infrastructure Safety Management Directive, the proposed revision of General Safety Regulation for Vehicles (GROW) and about “On the road to automated mobility”.

She spoke about the Road Infrastructure Safety Management directive and consulting on plans to:

  • Extend the scope to cover motorways and primary roads outside the TEN-T network as well as all roads outside urban areas that are built using EU funds in whole or in part
  • Introduce network-wide road assessments, a systematic and proactive risk mapping procedure to assess the “in-built”, or inherent, safety of roads across the EU
  • Mandate transparency and follow-up of infrastructure safety management procedures
  • Make it mandatory to take vulnerable road users systematically into account in all road safety management procedures
  • Set general requirements for road markings and road signs in order to facilitate the roll-out of cooperative, connected and automated mobility systems

Mrs Ioannidou encouraged delegates to propose that their countries respond to the CEF call of 17 May and prepare proposals for projects on safer infrastructure. Click here for presentation

Dr Ulrich Veh, Director of Safety, presented on ACEA’s recommendations for the General Safety Regulation Revision.  He spoke about the assessment process ACEA had used to support the industry’s setting of safety priorities and the innovation involved on its route to invest in safer, cleaner and smarter mobility solutions

His key recommendations were for:

  • A focus on active safety measures
  • Detailed cost/benefit analysis and impact assessment is needed for all considered measures
  • All measures to be harmonised with the provisions of UN-ECE; specific EU regulations have to be avoided
  • Transition times must be aligned with product development time, allowing at least three years for new types from the date the regulation has entered into force and the final requirements are available.

Dr Veh called for support for:

  • The ACEA-priorities for measures which are based on the accident analysis
  • Direct vision: reduce truck-accidents via active safety and, if a new cabin is developed, then a best-in-class approach is used for vision
  • Implementation first of Speed Limit Information and, after updating signs/maps, Intelligent Speed Adaptation
  • Focus on active safety for pedestrian protection and enough time for the introduction of the THOR-dummy
  • For measures to be implemented in a partnership approach with road operators
  • Implementation of measures at the earliest 36 months after the official adoption of the specific regulation for new types (according to CARS 21-commitment).

Click here for presentation.

Important governance changes to EuroRAP Membership, designed to make it more applicable to the evolving needs of its programme and Members, were agreed during the formal business of the General Assembly.   Finally, Marianne Dwarshuis reported on a survey of EuroRAP Members’ wishes and needs and she with Chairman Ferry Smith led a session assessing what Rotterdam participants wanted from EuroRAP now and in the future. Click here for presentation

Among other contributions to the meetings (full program presentations are available below)


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