Risk Mapping for the TEN-T in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain: update

As reported in July, Project Slain involves Risk Mapping of the core TEN-T network in four countries and will enable road safety performance tracking over time using new and existing data.

The project builds on work completed in Croatia and Greece as part of the SENSoR project, in Italy as part of a collaboration with the mobility club ACI, and in Spain building on work by the RACC over more than 15 years. The project maps will be prepared both 2019-20 and 2020-21 and add to EuroRAP’s existing Risk Mapping data for 20 European countries.  The maps are published in Croatia (by FPZ), in Greece (Panos Mylonas) in Italy (Anas) and Spain (RACC).

The map below shows the core TEN-T being considered as part of SLAIN.

In Italy where the comprehensive TEN-T has been mapped on the inter-urban core part of that network (the A19 south of the RA05 and the A19 in Sicily), individual risk of crashes per billion vehicle kilometre generally has less variation than in other parts of the country and is generally lower.  With only a few exceptions, it is uniformly low-medium risk.