Risk Mapping the Spanish National Road Network

RACC have recently published new Risk Mapping showing the results for the Spanish and Catalonian Networks

Spanish Network

Now in the 11th year, 1,355 sections of the Spanish road network have been assessed, representing 24,438 Km of the network.

In the past 5 years, the number of miles at high risk (Red) or Very high risk (Black) has decreased from 13.5% to 3.6%.

The miles with very low risk (Green) accident rate have inceased by 25.8, for example they have gone from being 13.3% five years ago to 40.8% of the network.

Catalonian Network

The risk of a serious or fatal accident fell 1.2% on roads in the Catalonian network in the last three years

The province with the highest percentage of high-risk is Barcelona with 15.2%, while Tarragona has the lowest risk of 4.7%.  For the second consecutive year, the BV-2041 tops the list of road sections with increased risk of accidents in Catalonia, increasing their level of risk “High” to “Very High”.

The RACC, along with other European club members of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has again participated in the preparation of the evaluation study. The study analyzed for 12th time, accidents on the roads in Catalan with collaboration of the Catalan Traffic Service, the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Department Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia.

The study aims to improve road safety and road Catalonia has published mapping since 2002.

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Risk Map of Spanish Network

Spanish Network Results

Risk Map of Catalonian Network

Catalonian Network Results

Press Release