Road safety measures in the COVID transitional era – common High Level Group principles as we exit the crisis

The COVID crisis had an unprecedented impact on transport and mobility of European citizens, bringing travel largely to a standstill for several weeks. Even though it was not the moment to stress road safety issues when public attention was quite rightly elsewhere, road casualties have fallen considerably in the last 3 months (March, April, May 2020, though generally not as much as traffic volumes).

There are now clear – and welcome – signs of economic activity increasing again, with a commensurate rise in road mobility. There are also indications that more people are using individual ways of mobility, such as cars – but there is also more walking and cycling – and less use of public transport.

The EU’s High Level Group for Road Safety therefore held a discussion on road safety in the COVID era on 16 June and agreed on the following informal conclusions setting out common principles for the forthcoming transitional period:

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