Road upgrade in Ukraine

Up to 500 deaths and serious injuries could be prevented through the EuroRAP-supported redesign of a hazardous section of road in Ukraine.

A 40km section of the M12 (which runs through the small town of Letychiv, 300km to the south-west of Kiev) was selected for upgrading from the 1,520km survey undertaken by AMSS-CMV from Serbia.

Design plans were reviewed by the state road authority, EuroRAP and the UK’s TRL in a visit between 8-11 December 2015.

This part of the M12 was selected as a priority for upgrading because of its high casualty rate and the impressive benefit cost ratio of the work – a ratio of 5. A range of key improvements is included in the plans and these will raise Star Ratings on many parts of the route.

Countermeasures estimated by EuroRAP at around US$40 million will be included in the World Bank-funded upgrade due to start later this year.