Star Rating

Star Ratings are based on road inspection data and provide a simple and objective measure of the level of safety ‘built-in’ to the roads for vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. 5-star roads (green) are the safest, and 1-star (black) are the least safe.

Broadly speaking, every extra star rating increase result in a halving of crash cost in terms of the number of people who are killed and seriously injured. Importantly Star Ratings can be completed without reference to detailed crash data.

New, vision-based ADAS technologies leverage EuroRAP’s expertise in infrastructure-based safety measures, to provide real-time automated assessments through mass vehicle fleet sourced data.

The iRAP Methodology fact sheets answer many of the questions people have about the iRAP approach, covering topics such as crash types, Star Rating Score equations, model calibration and estimation of economic benefits and costs. The ‘iRAP Methodology’ fact sheets describe the Star Rating and Safer Roads Investment Plan methodologies, while the ‘iRAP Road Attribute Risk Factors’ fact sheets describe the risk factors used in the models. 

Please find the relevant information in the iRAP website

If you have any questions about the iRAP methodology that are not answered in the fact sheets, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

RAPs and Road Safety Audits and Inspections working together

The inclusion of the Star Rating of a Design as part of the Road Safety Auditors assessment of a road design is encouraged and Auditors can be accredited to undertake these vital objective measures of safety performance worldwide – see for further details.

All the iRAP road survey data which is gathered around the world, is processed through ViDA, our central data base.