Training and Accreditation

The establishment of a dedicated Training and Accreditation function was shaped in 2018 and is a centerpiece of the iRAP strategy to enable others, create the capacity for scale and support the essential quality assurance of partner and supplier activity around the world. The Training and Accreditation team is responsible for development and delivery of training and accreditation that grows capability in Europe for people to make use of the iRAP methodology to perform projects and implement policies that support EuroRAP’s vision of creating a Europe free of high-risk roads, as well as the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, United Nations Member States Global Road Safety Performance Targets and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Developed as a sustainable funding initiative, the Training and Accreditation activities are designed to be self-sustaining, so they can scale with scale to meet demand globally.


iRAP assessments are an internationally-recognised approach to managing road safety risk and saving lives. By taking iRAP training you and your team will build knowledge about infrastructure risk and develop the skills needed to perform iRAP assessments. iRAP offers a wide range of training modules that can be undertaken in a classroom, as online webinars or in a self-paced online environment. Students have the opportunity to complete assignments that help build a practical understanding of concepts and processes for application in Europe. By combining modules, courses can be developed to suit your needs and develop your credentials towards accreditation.

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EuroRAP is a strategic partner of FISITA.

FISITA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Ingénieurs des Techniques de l’Automobile) was founded in Paris in 1948 with the motto Progressons en Commun – Together we Progress. FISITA’s purpose is the same today as it was then: to bring together engineers from across the globe to share ideas and advance the technological development of the automobile. FISITA is the umbrella organisation for the national automotive societies around the world – controlled by the engineering profession and supported by the global automotive industry. Our network of Member Societies represents over 210,000 automotive engineers. FISITA’s goal is to provide a forum for dialogue amongst these engineers, as well as industry, government, academia, environmental and standards organisations.


With iRAP accreditation you become part of a community of experts that are able to perform EuroRAP/iRAP specification activities to the same consistently high level of quality worldwide. If you are a consultant, you will become part of a market of suppliers that are able to bid competitively to provide EuroRAP/iRAP specification services. Although not mandatory, we encourage organisations that are performing and/or commissioning EuroRAP assessments to make use of accredited personnel.

Benefits of becoming an EuroRAP/iRAP accredited supplier:

  • Formal acknowledgement that you are capable of performing EuroRAP/iRAP specification activities.
  • Formal acknowledgement that an inspection system is capable of being used to perform EuroRAP/iRAP specifications.
  • Listing on the iRAP website as an accredited supplier. This listing is used regularly by organisations procuring EuroRAP/iRAP specification services, such as the World Bank.
  • Licence to use the EuroRAP/iRAP Accredited logo.
  • If you would like to become an EuroRAP/iRAP accredited supplier please complete the application form here

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RAP Activity Accredited Suppliers 

A network of road safety professionals and companies capable of competitively bidding to provide high-quality iRAP assessments is growing. 

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