UAMK and AF City Plan release Czech Risk Maps of the national motorway network

UAMK and AF-CITYPLAN have been producing Risk Maps of the Czech road network since 2003.

Thanks to available accident and traffic flow databases, the two companies have already published EuroRAP Risk Maps from  2003-2013

In the Czech Republic Risk Mapping is being carried out on highways and motorways (734 km) and the first class roads (5,863 km), adding up to almost 6,600 km of major road network.

More than 24% of all fatalities and serious injuries resulting from road accidents occured in the Czech Republic on the evaluated network.
One third of the network falls into the categories of high- and medium-high risk. Highways and motorways show significantly better results as they are approx. four times safer than single carriageway roads.
Comparison between regions has been made based on number of high risk sections related to the total number of evaluated sections.

The worst regions are Liberec, Zlín, Moravia-Silesia and Pardubice. On the other hand, the safest regions are Olomouc, South Moravia, Karlovy Vary and Vysočina.
Both Risk Maps (individual risk and collective risk) remain very similar over time, i.e. the distribution of high-risk sections stay the same. This fact shows that the problem of road safety is not yet being addressed efficiently as there were no concrete measures taken on the dangerous roads so far.

To download the Risk Map please click here