United Kingdom RAP success and financing safer roads for Europe on show at ITF Summit in Leipzig

Samar Abouraad, iRAP’s Safer Journeys Specialist for Europe will be at the ITF Summit from 23-26 May to meet with European transport ministers and partners, and support ITF member countries to eliminate high-risk roads.

EuroRAP partner successes and regional advocacy will feature in the programme in the following ways:

Tuesday 23 May  
0900 – 1500 hours Financing and Delivery of Safer Roads and Streets for Europe Roundtable (closed meeting). This is a follow up event to the first roundtable held in Barcelona in October last year.
1045 – 1300 hours PIARC Advisory Committee Meeting
1530 – 1800 hours Meeting of iRAP’s Global Policy Advisory Committee
 Thursday 25 May
 1600 – 1630 hours  Open Stage Cafe: 30 minute Spotlight Presentation on CycleRAP 
 In the Exhibition
  5 minute Spotlight Presentation on the UK Safer Roads Fund Programme at the UK Presidency booth

iRAP CEO Rob McInerney will also present a global RAP perspective on Wednesday 24 May in the Financing Equitable, Green and Safe Transport Panel Session at 1600 hours.

Samar will be on hand to answer questions and participate in side meetings with European ministers and partners to discuss the national status of road infrastructure safety and local initiatives and opportunities, tools and support available to save lives and reduce serious injuries on 3-star or better roads.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting, please contact her on mobile +41 79 250 7570 or email samar.abouraad@irap.org

The 2023 Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF), will take place in Leipzig, Germany, from 24 to 26 May, under the Presidency of the United Kingdom.

The ITF acts as a global transport policy think tank and organises an invitation-only Summit for Transport Ministers each year. It brings together Ministers from ITF’s 64 member countries and guest countries with more than 1400 business leaders, top researchers, civil society, as well as local and regional authorities to discuss the trends and challenges shaping transport and mobility around the world.

This year’s theme Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies will bring participants together to share perspectives on the role of transport as an enabler of economic growth that also drives environmental and social sustainability. The programme will focus on five key themes:

  • Promoting inclusive access and tackling poverty;
  • Fostering transport for economic growth and stability;
  • Boosting economies through greening transport; and
  • Building safe, healthy and resilient transport systems.

For more information on the Summit, visit https://summit.itf-oecd.org/2023/

Useful resources for ITF Member Countries and Media heading to the Summit: