Well-deserved triumph for ITF

The International Transport Forum (ITF) has won the 2017 Decade of Action Special Award in the annual Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Awards.

It was honoured for its leadership in improving delivery of road safety across the world and specifically for its recent report Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries: Leading a Paradigm Shift in Road Safety which was drawn up by 30 international road safety experts from 24 countries.

The report says setting a target of Zero Road Deaths from the outset, instead of relying on incremental improvements, is the most effective way to eliminate road deaths. The Zero Road Deaths target has to be firmly grounded in a Safe System approach to road safety to be successful, the report says.

iRAP’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob McInerney, and its Global Products Director, James Bradford, were among the report’s contributors. Congratulating the ITF on the award, Prince Michael of Kent said: ‘The report is a most welcome addition to the all-important bank of knowledge available to our governments and a fine example of the leadership shown by ITF.’

Rob McInerney said: ‘iRAP warmly congratulates the ITF on this well-deserved success. We were very pleased to be invited to contribute to the report and hope that it will be inspirational to road safety advocates who are working to reduce deaths and serious injuries around the world.’

Selected extracts from the report can be viewed here.