Well-earned accolades

Two strong supporters of EuroRAP gained recognition in recent months.

Dr Marko Ševrovič (pictured), acting head of the department of transport planning in the University of Zagreb’s faculty of transport and traffic sciences, was awarded a doctorate. His university research includes a range of traffic and transportation topics, many with GIS applications. He has been instrumental in developing applications of the software used in coding data from RAP road surveys. Marko led the SENSoR work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Croatia. He was recognised for that contribution at the EuroRAP General Assembly in Iceland last year and has recently been active in places as far afield as Ethiopia, Ghana and Qatar!

EuroRAP’s partnerships and research director, Dr Steve Lawson, has been made an honorary member of the UK’s Society of Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA). Steve received the award from the society in recognition of his work over the years to raise the status of the road safety profession.

Led by John Dawson and working with Brenda King, Steve was one of those who contributed to the development of EuroRAP from its early gestation from 1999. He had previously worked for universities, road authorities and the UK’s Automobile Association.