Who we are


“A Europe free of high-risk roads”


EuroRAP contributes to halve road deaths by 2030 by ensuring that 75% of travel on TEN-T and primary roads across Europe are rated “3-star or better”.

Our Objectives

  • From Measurement to Action ensuring our systematic measurement of recognised risk factors through Risk Mapping, Fatality Estimates, Performance Tracking and Star Ratings, with evidence-based solutions to drive investment and provide governments with the business case for safer roads and the confidence to invest in the safety improvement of roads;
  • Education and Training to build capacity and train authorities and related public and private-sector partners in RAP assessment methodologies, tools and the Safe System, and educate policy makers and the public that road deaths are predictable and preventable;
  • Achieve official UN Member States Global Road Safety Performance Targets for 75% of travel on TEN-T and primary roads across Europe to be rated 3-star or better;
  • Extend our Membership of civil society, authorities and experts.


The values of EuroRAP are aligned with those of the International Road Assessment Programme which is the umbrella organisation for regional RAPs across the world.
  • Shared purpose, passionate people
  • Honest and evidence-based
  • Shared goals, shared success
  • We get things done
  • We are family and friends

EuroRAP and the Safe System Approach

The Safe System approach aims for a more forgiving road system. It accepts that people will make mistakes, and argues for a layered combination of measures to prevent people from dying from these mistakes by taking the physics of human vulnerability into account. Better vehicle construction, improved road infrastructure, lower speeds for example all have the capacity to reduce the impact of crashes. The role of EuroRAP is to focus specifically on the ‘safe roads’ element of the safety equation.



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